The beauty of a wooden kayak never goes unnoticed.

The grain and the whimsical shapes that emerge from the wood, give these kayaks an aesthetic difficult to find in kayaks built with other materials. .

But behind the good looks there is a world of modern joinery and applied technology which combined enable you to create strong kayaks, rigid, lightweight and highly reliable and unique greenland paddles “groenlandesas” only.

The best of my abilities as a cabinetmaker applied to my passion: sea ​​kayaking and traveling.

Roberto Yañez Vargas



construction photo

Curiosity is what led me to investigate about different kayak building systems and to try out with a great number of wood types and other materials that can be applied to wood , to obtain top quality kayaks with great behavior and high performance..

The building systems for wooden kayaks that I know best are “Stitch&Glue system” (Stitch & Glue") and construction with wooden strips (wooden strips building) which is my favorite because it allows curved shapes and much more elaborated designs..

construc 10

Nowadays, I can build any kayak model you choose, customize it (without affecting its hydrodynamics and behavior) and share my knowledge and passion for this fascinating world.


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Greenland paddles





The Greenland paddles, or paddles of Greenland Style, are a world in themselves..


Starting from a construction system common to all, each builder gives his/her paddles a personal touch following personal experiences and likes, also considering the paddler's size and the use the paddle will have. . Continue reading “Greenland paddles”

Today in Nautilus

this kayak has made my rolls go so easy!!! I’m in love with my Petrel!

“Adoro mi Petrel!!! This kayak has made my looooong esquimos more fácilesl!” Click here to find a video of practices eskimo in La Casería. “…and this is my rolling playgroud with a very, very low tide….ideal para contemplar la diversidad de aves que aprovechan para alimentarse de los ricos fangos llenos de

My favorite designs of Greenland Style kayaks “groepreferidos.

Out of the Greenland style kayaks designed by my favorite designers, I would highlight these three as my favorites:: The well-known and popular “Black Pearl” by Thomasson… Pure Greenland style.... Kayak with minimum volume, agile and sensitive; great for maneuvers and rolls.. This model has the great advantage that their planes are customized …


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